Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Another year and here we are Thanksgiving Day! Well actually it's tomorrow but as I sit and reflect as we begin the holiday season my heart is full. I am so blessed to be sitting here writing this. God has been so good to our family and to me this year. This does not mean we have not had our battles and our mountains to climb for many of those we have seen come and go. And not one did we lose or not make the summit. God carried us through and is continuing to so to this very moment.

Thanksgiving is not meant to be just one day a year but a lifestyle. Now I didn't pen that I read it somewhere and it just stuck with me. Thanksgiving is something God tells us to do "in everything". I have to be honest and say that there have been many times including this week that I have not felt like giving thanks. Do you every get tired of being attacked or put down, accused and cussed? Hmmm sounds like what Jesus went through and what greater example I have to finish the race than the one JESUS set for me. Reason to be THANKFUL! If for no other reason than that I give thanks and praise.

So no matter what you may be going through at this very moment remember that JESUS LOVES YOU and HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! You have much to be thankful for sometimes we just have to stop-look and remember! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all from my heart to you and to your families!

God Bless Always~

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