Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 1-1-11 that's too cool. Focus Wanda Focus lol

Here we are the first day of the new year. I pray that you all survived whatever celebrating you did and are safe and well.

As I sit here listening to two of my four grand-kids play and rather rough I might add. I sit knowing that any second one is going to get mad at the other. Why is it that we do that? We just have to do what we know will ultimately be a disaster in the end. I think that's what this new year will be about in most part for me anyways. Making wise or wiser decisions than before. Breaking away from old habits and choices. Stopping and thinking before leaping per say. Oops it happend one is hurt the other is mad. So I asked them, "why do you do things that you know is going to end up in disaster?" I got a blank look of course and a "I don't know".

I think sometimes God sits where I am asking me "Why did you do that". And I know at times I have sat with that same blank stare on my face and the words, "I don't know" come flying out of my mouth. As for me this new year I plan on stopping more, being quiet more, and listening more. It can be exhilarating to be still before the Lord.

Exhilarating definition is causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness. Who would have ever thought that stopping, sitting, listening could = exhilaration!

I pray you will join me in learning to STOP-SIT-LISTEN and we can rejoice together in excitment and share the happiness with all we come in contact with.

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